A Star Wars Birthday

Ezra is 4! If you can’t tell, he loves Star Wars. When I asked him what he wanted to do at his party he said: “have sword fights and shoot blasters.” It sounded a lot like what we did last year. So I tried to think of something a bit different for this year. All I could come up with was having Darth Vader make an appearance. Oh, and we had some free play in the yard; intended to be Jedi Training on our ‘space craft’. Half the kids played at Star Wars the other half found the dump trucks.
They ate mini corn dogs (Ezra’s favorite right now) and apples. My attempt at making a Death Star cake totally failed so Zach made some cupcakes and I frosted them to look like a blue double light saber.

Every kid got a costume, but a handful didn’t want to dress up. Then they got to put together their own R2 unite so they could unlock the door and escape the Death Star (our living room) to finish their Jedi Training (play outside). Most were not too interested in making this thing… maybe next year they’ll be old enough for this type of work. The bigger kids loved it.

Each kid got a chance to fight Darth Vader. Even the littlest one loved this, he’s a spit-fire.

For about a year, Ezra prayed for a blue double sword. When Santa finally brought it, he felt it was a bit inferior so we took it back and got a red sword like Darth Vader. In any case, he loved his cake… a full sized, blue double sword.

Ezra was really excited about dressing up like Anakin and insisted on growing his hair long for the party. I tried to tell him he didn’t have enough time to get it long enough, and that we would have to find some fake hair. He finally relented the day before the party and we went to the hair store and got him a nice, long strand of blue hair. I didn’t have time to braid it, but he was so stoked to have his Anakin hair!

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  • fun fun fun!
    you are just amazing how you (and of course zach) are throwing a kids party! congrats to ezra!


  • Sally

    That looks like the best party ever. I forgot Ezra and Bonnie are the same age, it looks like they’d get along very well. Bonnie was practicing her Mulan karate moves yesterday outside. It made me laugh.


  • The cupcake idea was brilliant. Can you remind me why we don’t live by each other any more? The more time passes, the more I’m convinced we need each other around for events such as these. And for gardening, and for decorating life the best we can. I do miss you.
    Oh and I need to talk to you about weaning. I can hardly remember how it happened with Agnes, and now that Eliot’s the age she was when she weaned (20 months), he shows no signs of being ready to stop. I know you did 2 years old, but how exactly?


  • Krissy

    Party looked so fun! Doing this in 2 weeks.

    On another note, where did you get that rug? I love it!


  • stacie

    Good luck! Rug is from Ikea… it’s no longer there, last I checked.


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